NILAM (Nadi Ilmu Amalan Membaca) is the official name as a program organized by Educational Technology Division (ETD). This program running at the primary and secondary government schools with is supervision by the Teacher Training Center (TTC) is one of the networks under ETD. Under this program, ETD should takes responsibility NILAM’s program able to carry out by the schools with smoothly. Regarding that, it should provide training and service to the teachers and collecting the report and data related with NILAM and do some analysis work before submit it to upper management.
A strategy to grow interest in reading by organized and arranged among Malaysians, especially schoolchildren until to having reading habit and culture reading among Malaysians.

Make pupil read more including all field, quality material, various genre instead of readings material oriented examination only.
Encourage school generate continuously creative and innovative idea to inculcate this reading habit.
The outline of this program is simple enough, where each pupil is asked to:
1.    Record the books they had read in their Record Book NILAM (can be found in any public school’s book store)
2.    Get their teachers to check their records
3.    Whoever reads the most books gets a reward
“Pupil successfully completed NILAM's program have privileged for elections to Limited Schools, Fully Residential Schools, Express Class, scholarships sponsoring and Higher Learning Institution.
- National Library of Malaysia
Implementation level and NILAM achievement
NILAM's implementation program divided into two-stage:
  1. Jauhari's Level:
Read many book and recorded. Recorded based on number, subject, and writer and also write a little summary.
  1. Reader Partner:
Eligible implement readings activity after reading 100 book and above.

Number of books to be read and documented in order to receive the NILAM award
Number of books read
360 and above

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